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Welcome to my about section. I have been in business on Etsy since 2011. back then was known as EstanysFlame. There are alot of other places to buy teething necklaces but are different because everything is handmade to order in 1-2 business days! I have the advantage of being able to offer infinite options and can customize everything! I love my customers and am excited about the future! I am living my dream and I thank you for your support!

How I came into this business...
I came upon Hazelwood and Baltic Amber Jewelry when my second child was a baby in 2010. She was having issues with digestion, constipation, eczema, and teething to top it all off. I was willing to try anything to ease her pain. I decided to try using a hazelwood and amber necklace. I was reluctant at first but it wasn't long until I was a believer!
I then decided that to try it on myself. I had tried everything since I was in grade school and nothing helped. It all makes sense now, my acne is simply a result of being overly acidic and with hazelwood being alkaline my body is naturally neutralized. To think that all I really need is a necklace... a pretty little necklace that also provides as a distraction for my little nursling. ;c)
With Baltic Amber and Hazelwood I have helped friends and family with their arthritis, psoriasis, heart burn, sleeping issues, inflammation, pain, migraines, eczema, behavioral problems, and depression. My children have cut all of their teeth wearing Baltic Amber with little to no symptoms and the hazelwood cures their eczema just as long as they wear their jewelry. I have randomly tested myself, my friends, and my kids by taking our jewelry off for some time and without fail our issues reappear. A blessing for us and I want to help everyone to benefit by of this magical stuff!Since I've started on my journey with Hazelwood and Baltic amber I have become well acquainted with other stones and crystals. I'm now a certified crystal healer and I love to tailor jewelry to suit it's wearer! Since everything is made to order it is easy to customize. There are unlimited options as I have a library of beads to choose from! If you do not see what you want or if you'd like to have something special made just send me a message and I'll get you fixed up at no additional charge and no added processing time! 
All of my jewelry is made by hand so no two items are exactly the same. There is love in every piece because I love what I do!

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