• Hazelwood Beads and when do they need to be replaced?

    Hazelwood Beads and when do they need to be replaced?

    I get the question all of the time- "How can I tell if my hazelwood is still good?". Well, the best way to tell is by it's appearance. The beads will become dark and almost greasy looking. 

    Another thing to notice is that your symptoms will begin to reappear. I have found that the first piece of hazelwood jewelry will not last as long as the following ones. This is because the first one has to work the hardest!

    I like to wet my hazelwood necklace every so often and wear it. I feel that this brings faster results. It takes my acne almost a full 2 weeks to subside after I start wearing it. I was wearing a Baltic amber necklace with an all hazelwood extender for a while, but evidently it was not enough. I have switched back to the full hazelwood necklace and the effects are jawdropping! I am reminded why I fell in love with it in the first place. This is me fresh faced. The left picture was taken last fall and the one on the right was today. No filters!


  • 4 Years On Etsy


    Things sure have changed alot since the beginning! Starting out at a small desk in my dining room and evolved now into myself and 2 mamas working in our own home offices! Wow! 

    We have always been proud to be a totally handmade business where everything is made to order. We are so established now that we can handle even the largest wholesale orders and still manage to keep our processing time down to 1-3 business days!

    There is alot of competitition on Etsy these days but thanks to our loyal customers we have grown to the top! I thank every one of you wonderful people for allowing my dream to become a reality! I look forward to a long future together!!!