Best Colors of Baltic Amber

  • Raw Or Cooked?

    *All of our Baltic Amber is RAW (UNCOOKED) and UNPOLISHED!
    Genuine Baltic Amber beads in the colors of Milky Yellow(white), Lemon, and Green are always raw colors of Baltic Amber. Although these colors do exist naturally the Honey, Cognac, and Coffee colored beads are most often "cooked" render their colors. 
          Below is the lemon color before "cooking".
    Below is the honey color cooling and the cognac color cooking. The longer the Baltic Amber beads cook, the darker they become.
    Below picture is the darkest color, coffee/cherry, being made. The smoke shows the cooking off of healing oils, leaving the beads less effective.
    You can not go wrong with any of our Baltic amber colors because IT IS ALL RAW and UNPOLISHED!!